-- #1 purpose - To bring a worldwide public display of some of the strongest storms on Earth. Many have either never seen, or don't have the way to get to see, these amazing atmospheric phenomenon as it occurs. I intend to not only capture and expose some of it to you, but also help to inform and educate through my experiences and documentaries. I also intend to leave behind a potential visual legacy for many more generations beyond my lifetime.

-- #2 purpose - To provide a centralized location for public use in obtaining info for my products and product purchasing as well. The basic format is here now and already established, and continuously updated. There is also a BLOG section where I eventually intend to bring forward business opportunities and weather-related information of events that occur in the USA, and sometimes worldwide events as well.

Please take a moment whenever you can to scroll through this website. I would also greatly appreciate your feedback at any time by commenting and applying the directions in the "CONTACT" page here too. I hope to continue to be a valuable data source and/or merchandise/product provider for you and your favorite people. THANK YOU for the support! 

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MOTTO: "My destiny is in a sequence and process of lifetime events, outlined specifically by atmospheric phenomenon; my yearning to be within perspective of the awesompowers of Mother Nature is nearly incalculable. My dedication to the public is indefinite in determining the scientific sequence of these events, resulting in their calculated outcomes.... during the prelude of their dance. Combining this with the possibility of saving lives due to my attributes of living mine as well, is righteously priceless! I live a unique transition from the serenity of upstate NY with it's regional mountains and waterfalls, to now, MY storm intercepts of the fury in the U.S.Plains......My journey began in mid-2013; my camera began in mid-2017.

Although my stories and reminiscions along the way seem endless,

my autobiography unfortunately will not be...."




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